Baby Grinding Teeth (Bruxism)- Causes And Remedies

A baby grinding teeth is also known as Bruxism. Now, you may wonder: why do babies grind their teeth? There can be several reasons for babies grinding their teeth. Here they are-

  1. The moment teeth begin to grow up in a baby, they remain unstable and slippery. Also, as there are a few teeth, they are not enough for the baby to make contact with each other.
  2. Baby teeth grinding can occur due to the discomfort of the baby. A baby’s first teeth are misaligned. Therefore, it makes them uncomfortable.
  3. Maybe your baby is suffering from other pain like a headache. So, the little one is trying to make himself comfortable by grinding his teeth. 
  4. Teeth grinding in babies can be a response to a specific medical condition such as cerebral palsy. 

It is a fact that babies can’t express their discomfort. So, as new parents, sometimes, it is quite difficult to understand what your baby is suffering from. But, don’t get scared. 

An infant grinding its teeth is quite normal. In most cases, it goes away normally. However, in this article, I will tell you the causes and the remedies to cure this issue for your baby.

So, keep reading.

Here Are Some Symptoms Of Teeth Grinding In A Baby

You can see multiple symptoms when your baby grinds his or her teeth. The first and most common symptom of babies grinding their teeth is excessive grinding at night or the moment your baby is sleeping. Another common symptom is motions of subtle jaw clenching in a baby. 

While these two are the most common symptoms, there are other signs as well for a baby to grind its teeth. 

  1. Your baby’s jaw will be tightened. He will make a rhythmic clenching sound as well.
  2. You may hear loud grinding or clicking sounds at night.
  3. Your baby’s teeth will become sensitive to both cold and hot foods. It can make your baby cry. 
  4. The newborn baby can have tooth injuries.
  5. You may notice gum swelling in your baby. 

These are some general signs of a baby’s teeth grinding. However, as parents, you should not ignore these symptoms at all. 

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Problems Caused By Bruxism Or Teeth Grinding For A Baby

Baby Grinding Teeth

If your newborn baby is grinding its teeth while sleeping, you may not realize the problem. But, if you see your toddler grinding its teeth when awake, there is an issue. 

Here are the issues that bruxism or teeth grinding can cause to a baby.

  1. Your baby will have a headache or feel pain around the ear.
  2. Teeth Grinding or the clenching of jaws can lead to excessive muscle pressure. As a result, your baby can feel stiffness and soreness in his body. 
  3. The baby can have difficulty chewing food.
  4. Your baby can suffer from tooth sensitivity. 

Although these are some short-term effects, bruxism can have long-term effects too.

  1. There may be loss of teeth.
  2. Bruxism can lead to flattened teeth. 
  3. The infant can suffer from temporary joint disorder or joint dislocation.

How Can You Stop Your Baby From Grinding Teeth?- Remedies

Each baby is unique and can have different reasons for grinding its teeth. Unfortunately, teeth grinding is an unavoidable situation for some newborns. However, bruxism or teeth grinding is generally harmless and can go away as your baby grows up. 

If you want to stop your baby from grinding its teeth, you can try some remedies. 

  1. You can use soft rubber teethers. This tool is quite comforting to the mouth of the baby. 
  2. You may give your baby cold rubber teething toys. It can decrease pain.
  3. You can also use teeth necklaces made of silicone. 
  4. No matter what method you try, do speak to the pediatric dentist first. 

Final Thoughts

Grinding teeth is one of the most common features in a newborn baby. It is one of the ways that babies try to cope with the situation. But, it is not at all desirable that babies harm themselves in this process. So, visit the dentist as soon as possible when you notice discomfort in your baby. All the best!

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