Chair Decor for Weddings

“As we evolve, our décor ideas should evolve too.”

Whenever we think of our wedding day, we become time travellers. And in that wedding list we often think of the decoration that will surround us on our special day adding on to the wedding glamour and being pitch perfect just like how you want it.

But have you ever thought about how your wedding chairs will look like? How you want them to be decorated? Would you like to read some ideas on that?

Then see the chair décor for weddings below and start thinking abut the chair you will sit on your special day to start a new journey of your life.


“Every chair should be a throne to hold the Queen and the King.”

Your wedding chair is indeed your throne and you are the queen/king for the night who is getting celebrated amongst the people she/he love.

And for the sake of that wedding throne, we present you some authentic and unique bridal chair decorations and ideas that will make your throne stand out just like you.


Chair Decor for Weddings
Chair Decor for Weddings
  • Go for a beautiful but simple combination like following rustic themes by adding lace and burlap and just a little flair to chairs.
  • If you are a nature lover, you can take some visual cues from nature with a wreath of leaves and delicate flowers that matches with the theme.

Some other additional décor things include:

  • ribbons, 
  • fabric, 
  • pearls, 
  • floral prints, 
  • monograms, 
  • bows, chair covers, or
  • sashes 

These things can be used to make your chair match up to your dream wedding chair expectations. 

Furthermore, you can also take advice from your wedding designer and add on the thing which you think will suit you the most for the occasion.

But, if you planning a little too chic wedding, you can go on with painting the chairs blue and pink with further decorating them with ribbons or flowers.

 This will not only look amazingly different but will grab the most attention and appreciation from the gusts.


 its time to see how you can decorate the groom’s chair.

While one of the easiest, swiftest, hassle free and most effective ways of decorating your chair is:

Chair Decor for Weddings
Chair Decor for Weddings

Tying beautiful fabric or ribbon around the back in a fancy way: Reinvent the idea by using this technique and adding your personalised touch to the fabricated chair.

  • This can be done by selecting the chair cover that resembles with your personality of something you like the most.
  • another thing is selecting a chair according for its size and dimension that no extra things are required to decorate it, a simple cloth will do the work and the king’s throne will look huge, covered and ready to be occupied by its owner.
  • Another thing you can do is picking up either of these; personalised signage, bride and groom signs, keeping it seasonal and trendy, going vintage, or adding some flower corsage. Whichever idea you like the most.

So, done with bride and groom’s chair but there’s still more to it. the wedding isn’t over and so does the decoration ideas.

Come along and have a look at some more beauty and uniqueness when it comes to wedding chairs.

Dealing with the Décor

“Be faithful to your own taste, because nothing you really like is ever out of style.”

Since we are dealing with your wedding chair décor ideas, it is our duty to remind you that we are here only to give you suggestion, inspiration, and options. 

The final call is yours and you must not sacrifice your own taste and opinion for anything.

Coming back to the suggestions, here are some more of chair decoration for you:

Chair Decor for Weddings
Chair Decor for Weddings
  1. The chair sashes ideas

You can go with simple white chairs covered with fabrics and huge sashes tied on them. They can be tied either on the back or on the side of the chair.

Not just that but you can also select your sashes design since there are plenty of them. 

Starting with the most common bow stash, then comes the double loop flower, the simple knot tied either at the back or at the side, the obi knot, the flip over stash, rosette stash, a double wrap knot on the side or at the back.

  1. DIY wedding chair covers

Have you got an idea of your own? Like DIYing your wedding chair? Then what’s stopping you? Don’t hesitate in doing what you want.

  • Measure the chair. 
  • Pick a fabric of your choice. 
  • Make a pattern.
  • Cut out the pieces. 
  • Fit everything and sew it all together. 
  • Now just adjust, hem, trim and your dream wedding chair is in front of your eyes ready to rock on the wedding day.
  1. How to make wedding chair covers?

You can use an old and tattered dining chair or any other chair in your home that is not of much use for you and give it an expensive-looking upgrade by re-covering it with a pretty, patterned flat-weaved rug or a curtain to be your chair fabric.

All you need to do is:

  • get your designer-worthy chair look is grabbing all the chair decorating essentials and tools, map out your task, and design it in your own way.
  • Also, if you wish to avoid wrinkles you can use the technique of storing the chair cover over the drapery hanger and cover each chair cover on the hanger with a plastic dry-cleaner bag to keep it clean. 
  • Then hang the hangers from a closet bar to store the chair covers when they are not in use. Every time to you will take them out to put on the chair, the cover will look fresh, new, wrinkle free and that too at the low maintenance cost.

Also, the chair covers are ready according to your taste and style. Use them for whichever occasion you like including your wedding in the future.

  1. Chair decorations for wedding ceremony.

Here are the things you should keep in mind while selecting and decorating the chair design.

  • Make sure the wedding chair and the stage theme matches with each other.
  • Avoid too bulky decoration things that can make your chair look bad and tacky.
  • Make sure you are keeping the stage’s space in mind while selecting the size of the chair. Afterall all you don’t want huge chairs on big stage or vice versa.
  • If you like it simple buy now it looks too pale to be a wedding chair setup, you can add on some golden lights, lamps or candles near your chair. They will dazzle up the seating area and will give you the extra glow and limelight on the day you require it the most.

Done and dusted. Enjoy sitting and getting clicked on your dream throne on your Z-day.


Don’t miss out your chairs when you plan your wedding and its décor. if you wish to do it yourself, then go ahead and design it your way and let it show how much excited and creative you were to decorate your wedding seat. Also, don’t forget to match and synchronise themes, things, decors, patterns and colours.



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