Big baby

It’s all fun and games until the doorbell rings or a neighbor walks by and you’re thoroughly stomped on by a flailing mass of paws.

This pupper knows the drill when it’s raining

Is this a yellow lab or a golden retriever?

Zap! … Zap!

This needs some lasers shopped in.

I met a cat with orange eyes

That’s some witches familiar. Help it find its witch.

Unconditional love.!!!!

This pic just made my day! Thanks!

This is Pixar, she seems to know when I’m down and does something silly...

"You ah... still working on that novel? Gotta big uh... stack of papers there? Got a nice little story you working on there? Nice little novel? Story brewing there?"

Classic Hig

I like this.

Imitating the sound of a firetruck

"My god that dog must be huge! Pay respect!!"

Monkeys grooming a stray dog

Monkeys steal puppies and take care of them so when they get older they protect the monkey troop.

7 years ago I wanted the cheapest cat ever. All of them were too...

He’s handsome! I’ve had my FIV+ pussface for about 15 now and while getting frail, she’s a doll!

Great news! Bella’s mass was benign!

That's awesome! I know the relief/joy you are feeling. Went through something similar with the same great outcome. But the wait between finding out there could be something seriously wrong and receiving the good news is absolutely heart wrenching. One good thing to come of it is you appreciate each day with them so much more. Indescribably more.

10 year old me is 100% pumped at the family I’ve created

A low flying cloud, a berner, an aussie and a golden? You have the best life.

These boots were made for walking

Dogs in boots will never get old.


I would be startled if that fucker jumped on me too.

Last week I adopted a very shy rescue cat to help heal my heart...

Wait, this cat has a moustache and a belly heart‽ Lucky you!