Stop that hooman he’s smaller than you

Pitbulls always looks so darn concerned. What do they know that we dont?

Found this pic of rare catto plant

He's just helping.

My roommate saw someone throw this kitten out of a window on the highway....

I can’t believe some people are capable of such cruelty. I’m glad your roommate was there and she’s getting all the love!!

Pizza derp

Dogs are so fucking stupid, I love them.

My pillow has a surprise inside!

Super cute, but now you can't ever sit down without checking all pillows for kittens.

Fox confounded by a mattress

Looks like when a fox dives into the snow to hunt for rodents, maybe he thinks it's snow :D.


He’s saying naww.

Can’t even walk outside without the neighbors being nosey

I love the brokes slat. Not his first rodeo.

Snitches get…scriches!

"Now if you put me down I'll lead you to the body."

This is Maggie, my grandads old girl. She doesn’t get as much attention anymore...

My dog does that with her favorite sock toy. She picks it up, prances around, shows it too me, but doesn't let me have it. If I to manage to take it she loves fetching it, but still refuses to give it to me.

Attack of the bag

Startled cats and hardwood floors, name a more entertaining duo.

You win some, You lose some

Why did you move Joanne?

My hours-old quail chick

Please.. I beg of you.. give it to me..

Why won’t you pick me up and cuddle me?

I've never met/seen a brown cat before.

Two kittens adopted by a cat who taught them how to cuddle

Kind of totally wish I were a cat right now.

I don’t know if this counts but here it is

I think it counts. Good puppy.

Benefits of being a Vet ;3

Those evil creatures have a poor man suspended against the wall!

Testing out his new wheels!

My dumb ass kept trying to hit the sound button.