Hey Reddit! Check out my puppy Ember

Everything in this photo is nice looking. Like that leash looks nicer than anything I own.

My cat melted, pls advise

Shake a treat bag, she will re-form.

Honorable elephant to the rescue

I love how determined the elephant was to save him. The guy was swimming in the opposite direction and made it to shore and the elephant was like "are you sure you're ok? Do you need some help up? Need some protection or shade while you rest?"


I'm surprised he didn't roll around in it.

Good morning, beautiful

That’s a very photogenic cat.

Just Ellie patiently waiting for the vet

“Get me outta here right MEOW!”

Monkey punch

Poor capybara. Google them, they are known for being friendly to other animals.

The cutest!

That subtle side eye.


I saw a picture like this once and thought I should take my dog in my kayak. He lasted just long enough to get past where I could touch to flip us both over. 10/10 was a funny story though.

95% fluff

If they can fit their head through it, they can fit the rest of them through it. Cats are quite flexible.

Splish splash

What.. what did you expect you silly goofball?

Miss royal floof

Long may she reign!

My husband found this little guy while farming. He has the personality of a...

Congratulation to your Newcomer! :) Have fun together!

A cat in my neighborhood has a sign

Reminds me of one of my cats. She was a Russian Blue who spent her young life sitting on the sidewalk and she would never run away from a dog without first taking a swipe at them. All the neighborhood dogs were terrified of her and would give her a wide berth even when she was eighteen years old and arthritic.


Gorgeous! I AM amazed!

So you want me to bounce like this?

He looks like nick offerman.

My dog annoys the cat until she plays with him

When your little brother grows way bigger than you.

In Japan, We Don’t Shake Hands, We Bow

Polite and hygienic.

Found these boys outside work, long story, and fell in love. They are my...

Congratulations on your new feline overlords!

The desk monster awakens!

I'm glad he caught that secondary pen sneak-attack the desk tried.