This is the cutest thing I’ve watched today

This bat is having the best day ever


Bat fun fact!

There are around 5400 mammal species. 1240 of those are species of bats/ sky puppies


Bat: Hm, if my neck go wiggle wiggle, sky-hand go tickle tickle


I remember as a kid finding a pipistrelle bat next to a hot air vent. I stroked it very gently and it did a similar little dance, but with its back to me. It would go side to side three times and squeak. Same little dance every time. I didn’t do it too often in case it was too much for the little guy.

It could move and fly just fine. It was only there during the day. Probably stupefied by the heat from the vent. One of the nicest animal interactions ever, for me. I just hope the bat really did enjoy the occasional attention.


I do this dance for my fiancé when he is mindlessly rubbing my back while watching tv together and suddenly stops. It is quite effective.


This is one of the cutest things I’ve ever watched. Period.
2+ decades of watching cute things on the Internet and this is near the top.
Who would’ve thought a bat could be so cute.


Did you know they have hair thin muscles in their wings that allow them to control the curvature of the membrane so they can fly more efficiently just went to a talk about their wings the other day, really cool


The spooky cuteness!! I can’t handle it


Look at that little bat tummy!


We are so lucky to have these little miracles on our planet