Tom Tom is an orphaned gazelle who was hand-raised, and though he now partially lives in the wild, this spaz likes to start his days coming back show off his slotting skills

Tom Tom likes to start each day (even Mondays!) jumping for joy. The orphaned gazelle, who we hand-raised from infancy, may just be the most agile member of our Nursery herd. Although he’s now living partially wild in the surrounding park, he comes by frequently to show off his stotting skills. This is a signature move of gazelles — also called pronking — in which they spring high into the air and lift all four feet off the ground simultaneously. We think Tom Tom has nailed the technique! Video/Caption by © David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (@sheldricktrust)

Edit: title should say “stotting,” but autocorrect had different plans.


Now I too want to have a Gazelle as a friend.


Damn that’s fast!


This is too hilarious
The prancing return in the end is precious




How does he run that fast without wearing goggles? You’d think the wind would get in his eyes.


This gazelle is clearly living his best life.


Did somebody say walkies? Damn it Tom Tom sit still so I can put your leash on!!!


Good moves, but how fast is his 40?


Now you see me; now you don’t 🙂