My dog’s pillow fell to the roof couple days ago. It has a new...

How to get a cat to use a bed you bought: put it on the roof.

Trusting human completely

They way it slows down a little before plopping makes it look like the batteries died.

Adorable Scottish Fold

Very cute cat! To anyone considering getting a Scottish Fold, be aware that they develop serious health problems due to their inability to produce certain types of cartilage. It can be very expensive to properly care for them, and perhaps isn't worth it for everyone.

So. Much. Food!

This is similar to how I want to go.

Yeet me again!

I wish my cat was half as playful as this one. Mine’s a genuine asshole.

This is Conrad

Black mark on his nose looks like a cat ready to pounce complete w tail.

Startled face

Such a handsome boy.

Pet rat takes her medicine

The look on her face when he kisses her, I’m in love.

Guinea pig and dog – Best friends

I thought that thing was a puppet and someone was using it to mess with the dog omg.

Old toothless cat forgets he no longer has teefies

I hope you still say ouch so she thinks she is doing damage.

Reddit, meet Meela. Rescued from Romania, now living by the seaside in the UK

That's sweet of you to wait to eat until her food comes out.

Theses people are obviously rich but its cute

Why else would you have 3 German shepherds but to guard your enormous recliner wealth?

Sneaky pupper slowly working the tennis ball away from his friend

I like how she bares her teeth only to let it happen anyways.

A statue of a dog and it’s human

That dog is trained so well. I hope staying like that isn’t too hard on his little neck though.

I just adopted this 16 year old boy!

My vet asked if anyone could home him on their social media page, his owner could no longer have him as she was going into care and not able to take him with her. Because of his age and not getting on with other animals, he had very little interest. Since my cat, Fry, now lives with my parents (I moved house into a town and they live on a farm and he just loves it there), we've been cat free since living in our town home. I was very reluctant to get a cat because my boyfriend and I work 9-5 Monday to Friday and the cat wouldn't have a catflap to be able to go in and out as they please. But this fella, he just wants to chill and do his own thing. We saw the picture of him on social media and fell in love, we went to see him and fell in love with him even more. We brought him home and he's just chilled, he's been pretty nervous but he's purrred when we've scritched him. I know we might not have long with him, but we hope the last days/weeks/years of his life are comfortable and happy.

Cat vs metronome

Stop it - you're freaking meowt.