Bull accidentally pops his favorite ball

Get. This. Bull. A. New. Ball!

This is how a mix of German Shepherd and Golden Retriever looks. It took...

That thing is going to shed 4 entire dogs worth of hair every 4 months lol.

Covering a story at an animal shelter, a journalist was grabbed by this dog...

They just want to be loved. You can tell the ones who have experienced love and loss.

Doggos gotta stick together

Second dog: "Dude."

Angry turtle headbutts man’s shoe

I went to visit a friends cousin once and i had a turtle do this for over an hour straight, i kept moving him to the other side of the garden and the little shit kept coming back for me.

I’ll just nibble your ears while you are sleeping

"Maybe if I massage it with my lips, it will grow fur!"

Only reason google maps exists

Cat looks like me in the morning.

Monkeys found a diving board

Haha I loved the little dude bouncing before jumping. Hes getting pumped lol.

Squirrel Eating Avocado With Avocado Hat

Lil soldier having a pre battle meal.

Work harder, not smarter!

Ok this made me smile lol, thanks!

Keep the RIGHT people BESIDE YOU

The full definition of “Best men”

Kitty logic vs doggo logic

Kitties are good at getting around forcefields.

My cat stealing chicken nuggets

What cat? The nugget just disappeared.

I call this the pupper plop

I need to know what kind of dog this is.


Oh LAAAAAAAAWD, he comin!

Bummer wants to thank everyone who upvoted his puppy vaccination video today!!

Just saw the vaccination post and your comment, you have an awesome dog!