Derpy sploot

That's a weird looking kangaroo...

This pug is the best boy

Good little boy indeed! And he's so tiny! I was afraid there for a second that the dude would accidentally crush him though.

A tiger checking the depth of the water before relaxing

Imagine walking by a puddle and seeing a tiger's had just above the surface.

What is your wish, my master?

The Last Guardian.

And 3… 2… 1… ded

"Hey birb look I ded. birb look, I ded".

Doggo no want bath

"The bath. I will not allow it. Not today. Not ever. I might be good boy and all, but for a bath, I rather be hell's gatekeeper than get all that hydrogenous fluid in my butt. No way."

Synchronized fake outs

One has ears and the other has a tail.

Sgt surprises his son after a year long deployment

Very kid like to headbutt the junk. For real though, this is wonderful.

Barn kitty

This is my friend’s barn and Salt the cat is SO friendly, has to greet everyone.

Attention, your train has been delayed!

"Is he still following me?"

Little hedgehog embroidery I’m currently working on

This is amazing! Great job.

You’re doing it wrong

Look like a german shorthair. Grew up with pointers all my life and them being airborne is always the default response. Just saying...

Recordable greeting card: $20. A 4-year-old voicemail: $0. Seeing my mom, aunt, and uncle...

"I'm really glad you guys like it an...Get out of the shot, Gus! I'm creating treasured family memories here."

He’s alright

Dang, my man gotta find a new girl now.

My daughter has been begging us for a kitten for months. We’ve told her...

Christmas is a week away. How are you managing to keep them in a wrapped box that long?

Three Musketeers

Best pic ever!! Those faces!!!

Eating breakfast at a small cafe when this little guy hopped on the table

Cat: "Today's special is the tuna melt and it is spectacular."