Chimaek. Korean fried chicken + Soju + Beer

Hands down the best chicken I've had in Manchester.

Salted Caramel Layer Cake

Thanks, now my mouth is watering at 3 in the morning.

Gourmet PB&J

What kind of fucking psychopath spreads the jam on the peanut butter and not the other slice of bread?

Beef Wellington reveal!

The payoff for beef wellington is so worth the absurd preperation.

Butter Chicken and rice

I want this right now.

Tom Kha Gai – Thai-style soup

The mice in this guy's house must live like kings with meals like this.

Bacon,egg,cheese, and avocado breakfast sandwich

Fuck! I wanna snuggle up in it.

Full English Munch Box

Munch box must mean something different in the UK than in the US...

This beef Wellington my mom made for my birthday

Is your mom Gordon Ramsay?

Beautiful lunch with my godmother in Tokyo

Miso fish, cilantro potatoes, konjac, marinated preserved fish wrapped in konbu, rice, tomato salad, and ginger tea.

A Reuben

Oh man, the butcher gave you some bread with your order of 1 kilo of meat, what a nice guy.

Toasted ravioli, handmade pasta stuffed with spinach, mushrooms, and ricotta

I didn't know you could make toasted ravioli, seems interesting and delicious. I will have to try it.

Burrito time

Goodness. That looks... abusively good. I need that in my life. More specifically, in my mouth hole.

Melon Pan- Crunchy cookie covered bun filled with custard!

Need a pic with one cut open... pleading eyes.

Hash browns – It was super crispy and yummy

Do you have a recipe? Mine always come out not as crispy as id like.

Cornbread pancakes w/ chocolate chips and local maple syrup

That syrup had better been from Canada, or I'll be very disappointed.

Just some Garlic Bread with Cheese that my girlfriend got

I see some of these TV cooks going on about how this sort of thing "isn't authentic". I presume they mean Italian. So what? As I started the first piece, I'd order another load, just to be sure. Fantastic.

Super Simple Shrimp Fried Rice

Nice, but for an even better result use rice cooked yesterday. Fresh rice is too soft and will often turn in to mush. Cook rice the day before, put it in the fridge and the starch in the rice will harden and create a nice protective shell around each grain giving you the perfect type of rice to cook fried rice with.