Cheese & Meat Board

This is heaven.

Churros with coffee whipped crema And spiced agave

I'm trying to lose a few pounds but this will take priority. Looks wicked.

How to make mayonnaise with or without a blender

Wow I had no idea mayo had such a large percentage of oil.

Beef Potstickers

Perfectly crispy imo, well done. Literally.

Strawberry Pavlova

I hate myself for saying this. But this is a deconstucted(spit!) Pavlova.

Hot chicken honey butter biscuit

From District Donuts in New Orleans. The biscuit is “french toasted”

Simple recipe for making Japanese Okonomiyaki at home

Looks delicious! Is there a passable substitute for the flour and sauce?

Pork belly burnt ends

Meat candy.

Smoked Wagyu Brisket

Pictures great, but where’s that prized meat shot, OP pls deliver.

My attempt at a water droplet cake. Chocolate mousse with a sugar glaze and...

Wow!!!!! Amazing job. You are very talented.

Chess Pie

At first I read this as "cheese pie". I was disgusted at all the sugar lol. I watched the recipe and it looks pretty good though!

16 Different kinds of Japanese regional KitKats

Living in Japan, I love the fact sweets makers do this. One drawback is that with ice cream you’ll find something that you love and then it’ll be gone in a month. They actually have sweet flavor seasons in Japan. June and July were chocolate mint season where regular ice cream brands will be available but with a chocolate mint twist. I think May is strawberry time.

All you can eat sushi where each piece is made fresh to order!

What sushi place do you go to where they dont make it fresh to order?

Vanilla Ice Cream with Honey Comb

What would it taste like to eat that honeycomb in one bite?

An authentic Ethiopian feast

Question : I have never had Ethiopian food, How does it taste? or what does it taste like? I am interested in trying.

Charcuterie Boards!

Omg the figs, yum yum!!!

Quick, Easy, Simple and Delicious Guacamole!

I wish I could just get 4 perfect avocados like that.

Rosukatsu Ramen

What's the difference between rosukatsu and tonkatsu?