Crispy Buffalo Chicken Wings

I’ve baked wings like this multiple times and they’ve always been crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. I’d highly recommend!


Every time I’ve tried the baking powder thing to make the wings crispy, it always gives the wings an off taste and it makes my tounge hurt. I can’t be the only one who experience this.


I’m a 12th generation Buffaloan and actually..

just kidding.


If you want to make the even crispier, after applying the run with baking powder, refrigerate for a few hours. It will draw out even more moisture and make the skin crackling like. Amazing.


Pro tip: make a roux and add it to the butter + hot sauce mix. You get a sauce that sticks to the wings instead of making a big pool on the plate.


The ultimate secret is to leave them uncovered in the fridge for like 6 hours. Makes them EXTRA crispy


I feel personally offended that this is the first time I’ve been told buffalo sauce is just butter and hot sauce.


The way that sauce holds its shape makes it look like it’s just 100% mayo. 🥵

The wings seem legit tho.


Noice! I’m going to try that on the bbq!


Absolutely mouth watering, i love it.