Egg, bacon, and cheese, on an everything bagel

Egg, bacon, and cheese, on an everything bagel

Wow. Another post titled “egg, bacon, cheese”. Who the hell doesn’t call it a “bacon, egg, and cheese”? Savages. Looks delish by the way.


What have you done??
The cheese goes between the bacon and the egg!
This helps keep the bacon and egg from sliding apart as you eat the bagel


That’s one of my all time favorite things to have for breakfast. Good bagels are hard to come by tho.


Looks great, good work. Also if you’re ever in NYC and call it an “egg, bacon, and cheese,” they’ll throw you out of the deli.


That egg looks incredible. Fluffy and perfect. How’d you do it?


This was one of my absolute favorites but on a hard roll. And New York delis make the best ones!


Yummy. Have you tried a nice aged cheddar instead of the Kraft single? I find the sharp taste a great addition.


The eggs look absolutely perfect, on your Bacon, Egg & Cheese. I would definitely use a nice aged cheddar.

Edit: I really like the picture composition as well.


That is eggsactly what I had for breakfast. Great minds think alike OP.


What’s on the wall in the background? It looks like an old newspaper article so I was curious.

Also, bagel! Delicious! Nice work!