Key Lime Pie

ya gotta use KEY LIMES!


The colder cream is the better it whips.


Instead of lime juice, you can buy Key Lime Juice, makes all the difference in the world.


What exactly are digestive crackers? (really hoping its not like digestive teas….)


Neighbor has a key lime tree, time to ask for some and bake them this.


Aside from the fact that regular limes were used, I wonder how digestive biscuits would effect the taste compared to graham crackers.


I worked a summer in college at a bakery and every two days I’d make 20 of these for wholesale. People loved them. I despise key lime pie now. Watching this was like reliving a trauma. I smelled like limes for four months. My hands where constantly dried out and painful from the acidity of the limes.


Avoid Key West brand lime juice. It’s not key lime juice.


I feel like the part where they neatly get a single slice out of the pan is a lie.


I will always upvote key lime pie, even though it’s pretty much the easiest thing to make tasty. I remember talking to a professional chef once who said he loved making key lime pie because it’s so hard to mess up.

But then again, when you get it exactly right…mmmmm.