Potato Crust Pizza

“Cheesy hash-brown with pepperoni and basil”

I like it.


More like, the greatest hash-brown you’ve ever had.


So a latka pizza.

Only thing I’d change, is do that up in a cast iron skillet or the like. The bottom is just going to be mashed potatoes if you bake it like that.

I’d really like to see someone trying to transfer that from a piece of parchment paper to that slate. I do not for a minute think they got that right the first take.


Would it not be better to salt, sweat, and then wring out the potatoes to draw out even more moisture?


This is literally a latke pizza minus matzo meal


I have to say, your strategy of posting complete BS at your early escapades in this sub has sure paid off.


If you put a red sauce on this, would it be gross? Asking for a friend.


If you did this in a pizza oven, cast iron pan, or something similar, would it be a crispier crust on the bottom and the middle?


making a breakfast pizza with this crust….


I would like to make this for my cheat meal days.