Can you try to make a homemade frikadelebroodje?


Oh one more side note.

I have also began making a stroopwafel cheese cake a few years back.

So the press I use makes a little bit of waste with each wafel, and during the Christmas season I make allot of batches and that ends up making allot of leftover wafel bits.

Cheesecake is my wife’s favourite dessert, and so a few years back, i took the leftover wafel bits, ground them down, added a bit of water and made it into a pie shell like you would any gram cracker or cookie crumble crust

Then I made a basic cheese cake, froze it and then topped it with the stroop (syrup) that I make for the stroopwafels.

It was awesome, and now I make one after I have made a bunch of batches of Stroopwafel, because you can take a Netherlander out of the Netherlands but you can’t take the Netherlands out of the Netherlander…. and throwing away all those wafel bits hurt my soul and I had to figure out a way to use them.

Next time I make one I’ll take a few pics and put it up here with my recipe… but that may not be until late December.




Really nice to see a great Dutch recepy for stroopwafels! Love it!

As a Dutchman im not a really big fan of the corn syrup. I would replace it with Golden syrup (Abram Lyle & sons is great!) or, if you want to make an somewhat healthier stroopwaffel, use yacon syrup.

Thank you for posting this great recepy! I hope people will enjoy this! Groetjes uit Nederland


Stroopwaffles are my main guilty pleasure; my gosh these look good


This is amazing! Excellent execution!!!!


So many stroopwaffle posts on the past few days.


Can not wait to try these


Hello, it’s me, your new relative ready for Stroopwaffle! Seriously though these look delicious