Taco pizza

Taco pizza

I don’t understand but I’ll take three.


There’s literally no need for that to be a pizza.


Pretty sure this is the same place I recently saw a video on! The guy got this idea from some stoned kids who went into his store on a Tuesday for some pizza, he overheard them talking about tacos and how it was ‘Taco Tuesday’ etc, so he went into the kitchen and made this, gave it to them and they were so grateful and impressed! He told them just keep it on the DL because this wasn’t the usual, but every Tuesday after that more stoner kids came in asking for this taco pizza, fast forward it become a regular only on Tuesdays!


This can be found at Tony Boloney’s in Hoboken,NJ!


I don’t know why you did this, but y’know, I ain’t judgin’


Tony Baloni’s right? Seen a very similar taco pizza in a bunch of YT vids


This seems to be more “tacos placed on top of a pizza” than “taco pizza”


Why has this sub just become posts of ridiculous fast food taken with shitty HDR, low res photos that have been reposted from some hipster Instagram page


Look at how they massacred my boy


As a mexican I can say this looks fucking disgusting