The Most Stuf limited time oreos

For the sake of the human race, I am glad these are limited time only.

Coconut Pudding Bunnies

I don’t look this cute when I jiggle like that.

Blueberry-Lemon Cheesecake

That looks beautiful!

Pesto Chicken Cheesy Tarte Soleil

That totally insignificant bit of basil at the end made me laugh.

Spicy korean chicken with greek yoghurt and siracha mayo in lettuce cups

I love taking my dinner for a walk through the woods before eating it.

Old Bay Gnocchi, cheddar sauce, Old Bay breadcrumbs

As an Italian in Maryland, I approve of this meal.

Studio Ghibli food, although animated, is to die for

When the parents first start "pigging" out in Spirited Away is my favorite.

Coffee and Walnut Battenberg Cake

Yes it is, it was a technical challenge from The Great British Bake Off.

No-Bake Mint Chocolate Zebra Cheesecake

That looks delicious!

Apple Pie Cupcakes

Now make Android Pie Cups ;)

KFC Original Fried Chicken

No oil temp, no cooking time.... come on dammit! We can do better than this!

Bacon Cheeseburgers :)

Now that looks like a good fucking burger.

This giant double breaded buttermilk chicken strip

You cant fool me I know that's a puppy.

Beer battered bell pepper rings

I do the same, but don't use peppers, flour, or oil and drink the beer.

Authentic Hot And Sour Soup Recipe

Looks amazing... But I wonder how they get it so spicy at local restaurants. Is that a western addition, to purge your whole sinus cavity like bi bim bap?

Smash cheeseburger with garlic mushrooms

Gahdwammmmmnnn you skilled it. Now back to my granola and yogurt.

Amazing dipping ramen from Rokurinsha – the legendary ramen shop located in the Tokyo...

I've always wanted to try real, authentic ramen from Tokyo. This looks amazing.

Chicken Caesar Salad Tacos with Parmesan Cheese Taco Shells

I'm just going to go keto and eat only tacos made out of parmesan cheese.