This really odd advertisement for transit around my city

I'd bike away too if an interdimensional bus portal was coming after me.

Pussy Pistol Pete reporting for duty

She be talking shit about ya mom, dad, brother, dead dog, say you got weak dick game, all that shit but AS SOON as you say she a bitch she wanna start crying.

“Here’s a video of my cat trying to get my dog’s tail through a...

The best part is the dog is completely oblivious.

Damn it

"it turns out that I am too muscular; and I can't fit through"

When I want to believe Omarosa, but she’s a reality star celebrity that thrives...

I remember when he first got elected and the whole thing seemed like a reality show joking: “watch him hire Omarosa as Secretary of State”. Obviously she didn’t have that powerful of a position, but the fact that she was in the White House and everyone just accepts it just demonstrates how much of a farce the whole administration is.

No phones on the sales floor!

Plot twist: The manager was dating them.

Whoa, wrong turn!

The bear turns back around as if he’s remembering he’s much scarier than that man.

Dad ends son’s basketball career in 17 seconds

That’s a man that’s been trolling since before the Internet.


Mid-sneeze or just "different?"

No kids and always tired!

The funniest thing is these parents who complain to you that they're always tired are usually the same people who pressure you the most to start having your own kids. Misery loves company, I guess.


Meanwhile, the Jacksons are just standing over there like...ok cool, can we play now?

After her family and doctor told her she shouldn’t drive anymore, Barb decided HD...

Sad thing is, the caption isn’t far from the truth.

5000M runner Lonah Chemtai Salpeter celebrates what she thinks is a silver medal a...

Reminds me of that Dutch speed skater that was told wrong directions and ended up costing him a medal at the olympics. Sven Kramer.

Breaks are overrated

When Chase would text me that since I had less than $50 in my account they were gonna charge me $12.

These people who set up a tent at an art fair

10/10 would ask them for advice.

MRW my wife comes into the bedroom wearing her new lingerie and asks me...

My wife likes to wear the same pajamas she's had for the last 15 years and ask if I've farted recently.

Abby’s boss has no chill

Come on Abby! Get your shit together!

While I get an early spot on this subway

Not worth the risk- still have to share the train with all those people.