Lamborghini running a bit warm

Just drive really fast for convection cooling!

MRW someone asks me how to get karma

Wanna hear the most annoying sound in the world?

I just faceswapped my dog and my cat

I dont see anything wrong with this picture.

Caught in the act

"This isn't what it looks like..."

Classic…and he made it

That moment when luck says fuck it and just rains down on you.

This shirt

I thought I had a stroke and wasn’t able to read... thheeennn I saw it was in crappy design.

Why this dog look like it’s about to bust some myths?

I believe it is a lorax.

I’m in the bushes

By not being an alcoholic with 900k in debt I got my wife.

Let’s argue

Ahh, a man of culture I see.

MRW my wife asks if I’ll pick up Taco Bell for dinner while I’m...

I will always upvote Vince McMahon gifs.

Marilyn Manson looks like Nicholas Cage dressed up as Marilyn Manson

I've never seen them in the same place at the same time....

I presume he was fired

Lmfao sprays fire at everyone.

Hold my slippers

Kung Fu Hustle had some ascended-tier badassery. That movie was just something else man.

Just going to leave this here

There is no way that is unintentional.

HMB while I test my new tires

Impressive. I kept waiting for the backwards tumble on to the people watching from below!

So much for that expensive cat furniture

To the cat? Priceless.

Shouldn’t free labor be free?

These are some of the same people who say slaves didn't really make that much of a difference to production/economy to help support their denial.

This guy found himself on an empty airplane so he took a picture of...

I would be a little concerned if I got on a plane and there was no one else on it.