A picture worth a thousand words

Marie Kondo somewhere losing her shit.

This little jumping spider tried to attack my mouse pointer, so I upped the...

Little bastard got stubborn near the end.

Somethin light

I want that jacket.

Hey what the fuck

I was very upset first time. But after 10 or so visits I got used to that.

Tough guy or erect? You decide

Can't he be both?

This Construction worker Dancing

More like 'this dancer pretending to be a construction worker'

My wife is a keeper!

Does your penis still have a pulse though?

The most Russian way of playing an accordion

This is legitimately impressive stuff.

This is the power of an avalanche!

Just barging in like it owns the place, putting its stuff everywhere. Inconsiderate ass snow.

Poor guy

Ergo: cold causes cancer.

“It’s not fraud, it’s false advertising.”

And thank the lord because Luda was.

My wife squeezes toothpaste like this. I’m thinking divorce is the only option

Get your own tube if you need to stay married. Hide it if necessary....

These 2 useless seats in the movie theater

This is where horny people sit.

Ummmmmm, What Has This World Become

Just tattoo a fake eye where the real one was. Boom done.

The installation of the new Windows add-on did not go smoothly

I love it when you can't even tell what they wanna sell... A new super tool? Maybe super glue? A magic magnetic nail?

Couldnt have said it better myself

Healthcare is a right, yet america treats it as a privilege.

Meanwhile in Australia

I like to think somebody just randomly put that on a stranger’s door.