Early bird propaganda. They won the battle.


I go into work at 11am and get off at 8pm. I usually go to bed around around midnight or 1 and wake up around 9. People act like I’m some kind of deviant because of this. But if I went to bed at 10 it would be ok? Wtf?


I wholeheartedly support this movement


Because traditional labor was best accomplished in the daylight. We’ve moved passed that and I’d imagine the majority of jobs can be done at any time of the day, but inertia is a helluva drug.


Similarly, being tired at work because you stayed up late is considered irresponsible.

Being tired at work because you were up at 4am to go running is considered reasonable.


I work 11pm to 7am (more like 7:30am since day shift is consistently late) and I get extremely angry when people who know my shift call it a “nap” when I go to bed and ask why I didn’t text them all day. Like yeah, lemme just not sleep ever??


Man just took the integral of leeping ya feel me


Also, napping. My Dad wakes up super early but also naps in the afternoon. How is that any different than someone who sleeps in but doesn’t nap?


I am self-employed and prefer to work during the late hours of the night. I go to bed around 3/4am and sleep until 11am. I get anywhere from 6-8 hours of sleep a night, what is considered standard, but people who wake up at 6am think I am a lazy asshole for sleeping until 11am. Nope, just working on a different timeframe. I get the same amount of sleep as many of those people just in a way that works for me.