An unexpected hug

An unexpected hug

I can relate.

My mom passed away unexpectedly passed away last Monday.

I miss you so much, Mom.


Thats actually really fucked up. Colleges have policies regarding bereavement, student visas should too.


I was crying in my car in the parking lot at the grocery store last night. My grandma has Alzheimer’s, my grandpa just had surgery, and my dad has been hospitalized for heart problems. I’m 3,000 miles from home. I could have used a hug last night.


Someone help that kid get home!


You never know someone else’s struggle.

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good move. I hope you gave him a good one.


I was raised by my mom and we’re really close so I’d probably be in even worse shape. Unless they’re terrible or something, hug your mothers while you got em, folks. You only get one.


At work I was ringing a woman up and she just started quietly sobbing out of nowhere. I asked her if she needed a hug and she just walked away crying. A few minutes later she came back inside and hugged me and told me her daughter had just passed away. I hope she’s ok now.


Bout 3 years I ago I went backpacking in Europe. I left and my mom was her same, loud, obnoxious, loving self. I had to come back after a year cause she went into cardiac arrest. When I got to the hospital she was a vegetable, could literally only blink. Shit eviscerated me.

I feel this dude’s pain. Not being able to say goodbye while you’re abroad is fucking terrible. Hug your moms if you got em, and if someone professes they’re going through shit hug them too. You never know how much it could help


My heart goes out to him.