Best way to use the new Snapchat filter

I am in the wrong matrix. I love it.


Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.


This will revolutionize the porn industry.


I have way too many confused boners over this new snapchat filter.


FYI, this requires magical amount of computation complexity for someone who worked with C64’s and Amiga’s. And that’s on a damn phone.


that snapchat filter needs its own sub. as someone who doesn’t have snapchat I was shown that filter and I just find it hilarious


Some people can’t pull this off, but you duet really well.


Now i can see why people are getting “snapchat dismorphia”

i tried the filter out…


Now, show this to someone form 1900 and watch their heads explode


this is a prequal of things to come. in future, you will be face to face chatting with prostitute, who is nothing more than a poor man trying to make some money, but you on the other hand are whacking off to a guy with dreads and lip piercings , but all you see is a brunette.