Don’t Forget Your Tactical Sandwich

Not a cop, but I’m required to use a tac vest or chest rig for medical supplies for one of my jobs out in the middle of nowhere. I use the pistol mag pouches for granola bars. My coworkers would poke fun at me for doing so but won’t be when they’re in need of tactical snacticals/tacsnacks.


What the fuck is that, Pyle?! A jelly donut?!?!

Thanks for the silver, good person of Reddit!


People laugh, but you spend 18 hours in a situation where you can’t leave and nobody will bring you food, and you’ll start carrying food in your cargo pockets too! 😉


Totally intentional: it already had plenty of wich and needed more sand to balance it out.


Reminds me of Gimli… Keep breathing, that’s the key, keep breathing


Meal Team 6


Back when I did law enforcement, I always kept a snactical vest fully stocked. You never know what you might come up against.


He should have brought a hero sub.


That was at least a 30 bite capacity sandwhich. Nobody needs a sandwich like that


This guy gets it. He wont be hungry over a long period. And while everyone made fun of him, he will be eating a sandwich prepared by his other half and have a full belly. Food when you’re in the middle of no where can improve your mood greatly. Even if it’s a power sandwich for 2 minutes.