Forgive, but don’t forget

Forgive, but don't forget

Pretty depressing.


Sorry to be boring, it’s just because during Alzheimer patients lose their recent memories first and have trouble to form new ones. But the older ones are pretty stable until the later stages of the disease


Fuck cheating partners


That’s actually sad….


I watched my dad take care of my granny as it slowly erased her. It’s like the mind holds on to certain things trying to retain itself. I was one of the last people she remembered, but it was more I resembled her grandchild who used to raise hell.


Cause she prob reliving that shit every day.


This is just sad..


My grandma can’t remember who my partner of 7 years is sometimes, but she sure as shit does remember that he brought her a chocolate doughnut last week!


My granddad’s brother has Alzheimer’s and there was a period when he remembered his wife (Jean A) and his ex-girlfriend from 40/50 years ago (also Jean, we’ll call her Jean B). My granddad would visit and his brother would say “I don’t know why I married this Jean, the other Jean was the right one for me, I’ve regretted it ever since”. And Jean A is sat right there. He’d even say it to her face.

He’s now progressed to the point where he doesn’t remember Jean A very well (at least some days) and he frequently says “oh, your name is Jean? The love of my life is called Jean, what a coincidence!”

It’s so heartbreaking. She’s essentially his full time carer at age 80+ and all he does is prattle on about some other woman.


First in last out, I work in senior care. And this is actually not all that uncommon.

For the same reason, my great grandma, who died due to complications of Alzheimer’s, would call my dad, Jon. John Austin, someone she met in her youth.

Also one of the residents at my place of business, speaks only Greek, when I met him he was a eloquent English speaker, who rarely spoke with his native tongue.