Having to deal with customers who act like everything is under your control and your fault

Having to deal with customers who act like everything is under your control and your fault

…I think everyone should have to work a customer service job once in their life …like a tour of duty -Ha


It’s people who have no power over their lives and know that minimum wage cashiers can’t raise their voices without losing their jobs. They exert power over others to cover up for the lack of control in their own lives. They’re fucking bullies.

If you ever see someone chewing out a cashier, either step in, or find a way to let the cashier know that they still have value as a human being, even after getting berated by an asshole.


Their rude ass, entitled, mannerless parents did


They say it takes a village and I’m certain these people grew up surrounded by assholes


Retail/customer service jobs should be required, like the selective service.


I remember once my Grandpa told the woman at BK to kill herself because she spilt mayo onto his favourite pair of jean shorts


There should be some for of post costumer service therapy to get your mind back to normal from all the anger a person can pent up from not being able to talk back to a rude costumer


The ones who get me are the people who work in customer service, who then on becoming the customer, act in the entitled manner they hate so much when they are on shift. Boggles the mind.


15 years in customer service from in store to over the phone most of the people who call in are incompetent. I have to explain daily what a pending authorization is and what their billing address means when they get denied trying to place orders. You can also thank Amazon for fucking up shipping expectations for anything you might sell, even if its on Amazon.

If you dont know what your billing address is then dont place an order.

If you can’t take 5 seconds to double check your address then dont place an order

If you call in and dont have an order or reference number you are wasting my time as well as yours

If you are expecting a package by a certain date select the right shipping method, majority of the time we cannot adjust it

Most ordering system are fixed info once you submit your order, double check your info

If we tell you to call your bank its because they have a hold on your card, don’t argue with us about it because we are not the bank we can’t fix that

Read shipping/return policies before you place an order, we do not cover your incompetence for not reading

If you ordered the wrong size or style of an item thats your fault not ours

We keep records of everything you tell us via recording and notes and we always get a phone number or email when you contact us and make a identity in our system with all your info you call in on

We do not count the first day on tracking status information because the first day is when the label was applied and usually there is zero movement that day unless picked up early by the delivery company but its still on there

We are not the delivery company if your package is late call them and yell at them, we are powerless to do anything since we do not deliver the package ourselves

We are not your therapist!!! Getvoff the phone we dont want to hear your problems we have our own problems

If you want to be a dick go to a bar, we will just hang up on you

If you curse at us we will auto hang up and mark what you said so all other reps can see this

For the good customers:

Dont ever tell us you think your order was stolen, that is usually an automatic denial on a claim

Dont ever tell us you have lost the package yourself, just say it never arrived even if its labeled as delivered on tracking info

Please do our surveys, its how we get raises and promotions


TLDR: I work in retail, customers always make huge messes and I’ll never understand. Sometimes blame us for things out of our control like not having products they want. Etc.

I work in retail and no matter how long I work there, I don’t think I’ll ever fathom how some people just make a hell storm in our store, tossing clothes and products left and right, all our work gone to waste. Folded and standardized to look beautiful and then… they come.

Then they miss the size they’re looking for and get frustrated with me for not having the size in our store as I’m pulling the size they’re looking for 3 shirts from the top, aahhh!

Sure it’s our job as associates but it gives us less time to help them, other customers in the store and focus on other things we could be doing, but instead I’m stuck cleaning their mess for a good bit.

Etc. etc.