Here we go again

Here we go again

L’appel du vide ( call of the void)
It’s a real thing out here.


It’s a miracle how we survive these highways like damn nigga, this ain’t Mario Kart, slow the fuck down.


Intrusive thoughts are real. Whether or not to worry depends on how loud or convincing they get 🙂


I think he’s fine. If the thought gets too strong, then call the therapist. I heard that’s normal to have them thoughts.


Call of the void is real asf… out here thinking you having a good day then that shit can hit you something fierce


Not in my car, but a couple of summers ago I experienced the strongest feeling to date of drastically ending my life. My now-wife and I were separated and I had our daughter and for a split second I thought about ripping the screen out of the window and jumping.

Mostly what stopped me was that, well, I had my then-seven-year old daughter sleeping right there and I couldn’t bear for her to wake up without me. We are thick as thieves.

Life is so much better now; I’m so thankful I’ve never taken action on my thoughts.


Bill Burr had a funny bit about this. How the boring 9-5 office job life can give you a 15 minutes of fame if you just turn your steering wheel to 3o clock by the bus stop.


Just making it home safe everyday is a blessing. We take it for granted


Sometimes i have somthing similar

I sit with my family or friends and suddenly i have an urge to punch them or insult or even do worse things to them for no reason at all.

that shit scares me because if i faild to control it even once, i will lose everything I’ve built in my life due to somthing i don’t know.


It’s weirdly comforting, reading these responses and realizing that you are not the only person who experiences thoughts like these