I have no words for this fuckery

I have no words for this fuckery

The Republican Plan:

State bans abortion.
People sue.
Case goes to the supreme court.
Roe v Wade is overturned nationwide.


I never talk politics with my friends or coworkers because it never goes over well or accomplishes anything. But this one time I was eating lunch with this girl I used to work with and she wouldn’t stop talking about how abortions were wrong.

I tried to change the subject or just ignore her but she went on and on and kept asking how I felt. Finally I gave in and told her I don’t think there’s anything wrong with abortions, especially if it’s for a good reason (rape, the girl is too young, they can’t afford a child, etc).

She went off on like a 5 minute rant (which I’m guessing is what she wanted to do from the start) and I just ate my lunch and let her go off.

Then this fucking moron ends her little spiel with “just because people like me have had an abortion doesn’t make it ok. I would never let my daughter have one when she’s older!”

This caught my attention obviously and I said “uh, excuse me? You’ve had an abortion?”

And she goes, “yeah but that was different and I’d never do it again!”

I couldn’t believe the idiotic irony and I just agreed with her and finished lunch as fast as I could. It’s too bad her mother didn’t believe in abortion.


About this Alabama abortion ban, I am just thinking, just wondering if the Alabama babies will come out ok.


I 100% dont agree with the ban, but the article on BBC states women will not be held criminally responsible
Only the doctors are.


Actually felons can vote if they’re not on parole


NPR said the law actually only held doctors accountable.


This isn’t factually 100% correct because the new laws makes giving abortions a felony, not having one done. So the woman would not be a felon but the doctor would.


Time to stop spending money in this state and send a message to the Gov’t there.


So I’m very pro-choice and against this new law, but I just want to point out that it’s the doctors performing the abortion that would be charged with a felony, not the women receiving the abortion.


The idea is to push it into Trumps Supreme Court in hopes of overturning Roe v Wade. Hence all the crazy shit re abortion at the state level right now.