I'm deathly afraid of heights... I went to the Skydeck at the Willis Tower and slowly inched my back to the edge, mustered up all composure I could and took a pic. I thought I nailed it until I saw the photo

“Courage is not the absence of fear…” This picture is the very embodiment of that quote! Well done!


As someone who is from Chicago, I will call it the Sears Tower until the day I die.


Funny or not you faced a very real fear. Huge props for that alone.


I’m in a glass case of emotion!


Good job, OP! Took me a long time to recover of my fear of heights. I’m much better now, even go on roller coasters and shit


I have heights triggered vertigo and constant adrenaline spikes even when I’m not that far off the ground. I was on the 6th floor of a hotel not long ago and the porch/balcony, while nice, was a constant source of irrational dread. Kudos to you for this. Only acrophobes can truly appreciate your accomplishment.


Nice, I’d have to get on my belly just to look over the edge!


I love how your hand is ready to brace you, good work on facing your fears man!


As a Chicagoan who works near sears tower, thanks for referring it by it’s one true name. I know very few people who acknowledge the name change.


Either way you stepped out of your comfort zone and confronted your fear! Awesome job and photo!



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