I’m thinking to do the same

I'm thinking to do the same

They look……. wrong.


How about the church of “Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption”


Hate this guy. Someone stole my credit card and tried to donate $2500 to him routed through Amsterdam.

Credit card company noticed, and I wasn’t liable. I got mailings to donate money for months. Took four phone calls to his office to get off their list.



Don’t let the drowning people of Houston in, they’ll get mud on the new rugs!


I remember when Houston was flooding and he refused to let people into his mega church. He also had a mansion built on high land and refused to let his neighbors in. This guy is such a scumbag.


I’d bet they fuck with socks on.


“I need a third private jet. GOD SAID SO!!!”


It’s my understanding that clergy pays taxes. It is the church that doesn’t.

It would be like a community center that hires a life guard for the pool. The non-profit community center might not pay taxes, but the life guard will when he gets paid by the non-profit.


In Sweden most children were added to the Swedish church at their baptism. The church is allowed to levy a tax, at the same time as you ordinary tax, as church tax. This means that in Sweden, if you leave jesus, you actually directly save about 5% of your taxes.


It’s what Benedict Cumberbatch would look like as an evil villian. Cannot unsee