MRW I’m tryin to sleep after mixing weed with alcohol

If your bed is low enough, try to put one foot on the ground. It gives your brain some idea where everything is and should help against the spinning.

Also drink a big glass of water before you go to sleep.


You gotta smoke then drink. Other way around ends in the spins every time


Mixing pot and alcohol gives me the spins and makes me puke violently. Every single time.


Am I alone in enjoying this when it happens? It reminds me of the hours I spent on my tireswing as a kid. It is especially good if I’m outside and it feels like I’m free falling towards the sky.


Me rn


Smokey drinkey, not drinkey smokey.


Worst feeling I had. I drink some liquor and ate a cake pop. I had both projectile diarrhea and vomit after eating El Paisa. I got extra beans instead of rice and I think it was Carna Asada with a 32oz horchata to drink. The worst part besides the real bad high, I went with the toilet lid still down.

I am willing to talk about this too.


I must be doing it wrong. I feel more like I’m on one of those gyroscope rides and gravity is hellbent on ensuring I throw up before I get off.


It really do be like that though


This is perfect