No wonder babies always look confused

No wonder babies always look confused

Or passing out at a table at the bar and waking up in an alley.

Oh that was me.


Plus you shit your pants when you were asleep.


Imagine dreaming as a baby with only loose concepts you don’t understand to create your dream reality.


Not mention the dream/nightmare in the middle


Waking up in some strangers arm and be like wtfffffff MOMMY HALP PLZ


It is even worse, since they have no object permanence for the first few months.

So they go to sleep in their crib, then wake up in their crib with no idea how they got there.


Imagine going from getting all the titty you could cry for, to this mushy ass brown sludge.


Yeah I’d be scarred for life if I woke up in a half restaurant


Imagine falling asleep in a cozy, warm, dark, liquid-filled womb by yourself, the only place you’ve ever known, and waking up in a bright, cold, hospital room surrounded by giants that are cutting shit off your body.


and when you wake up and confused and hungry, niggas act like you ruined their whole day.