Nobody wants that to happen to them

Nobody wants that to happen to them

My check wallet light has been on for years


Just worked a couple 12 hour overnight shifts to get some spending money for once. My laptop stopped working inexplicably last night. It’s uncanny how this shit works.
The phrase “Money doesn’t buy happiness” is one only people who haven’t struggled to exist could ever say.

Edit: Woke up from a hefty nap to find that this kind of blew up. I appreciate the kindness of all of the people helping to help diagnose the laptop issue more than you could know.
It’s a keyboard issue, I hit one key, I get a bunch of random keys spammed. Plugged in my roommate’s usb keyboard and it worked fine, so I ordered one off of Amazon. The laptop just has to get me through my last semester (and into a job) and I’ll replace it as soon as I can.

On the flip side, as someone who has known and currently knows what it feels like to have your world completely altered by the stresses your expenses play in your life daily, I encourage anyone to read out to me in my DMs if they need someone to talk to. I am fortunate enough to have my own little support team when I’m in a bad place, and that’s something everyone deserves.


I love my Christmas light dashboard. If my little car can make it with all its issues, I can do it too.


my check engine light has been on for five years. I’m not poor, I’m cheap.


Being poor, not having a car because your with duct tape held together beater car’s engine light was on for more than a year and the car finally crapped out

I keep it on the driveway just in case I have to sleep in it or something

But hey,I have a roof, food on the table and happy kids, life is OK


this never happened to me.. i bought my car with engine light on..


My parents gave us an allowance for a few months as kids, but then my mom lost her job and they needed that money to pay bills. It was the closest I ever got to saving for something nice as a child.


Or the worse scenario where you just bought that thing and then that check engine light comes on


Relateable af


As someone who just had to cancel a vacation in order to buy a new washer and dryer, this hurt.