Only true test of trust, in all circumstances

This was a great show


Kids In The Hall!! Used to love this show!

The final episode was the best: things they couldn’t air.


The rest of this sketch is great. Guy gets kidnapped, held for ransom, only… he doesn’t. He only knows he’s been kidnapped because he keeps hearing about it from family and coworkers as he goes about his day. People saying things to him like “we just heard” and “were pulling for ya.” It’s in the papers. Ends up meeting with his kidnappers to pay his own ransom so they’ll let him go.


This tactic will make my bussiness ventures so much easier


I have no idea who the guy with white hair is but for some reason he reminds me of one of the kids from Hook.


Is a trust fall really a trust fall if you announce it?


I remember watching this show in middle school and enjoying it, but sometimes the jokes were over my head. One sketch that stuck with me was the “attacked by a bear” sketch, and it wasn’t until a decade later I randomly figured out what kind of “bear” he meant, and finally got the punchline.


Honestly I didn’t expected that


What show is this?


Hey looks like guzma dude from pokemon Sun and Moon.