Plus a semester of college was $20, we know about the scam now

Plus a semester of college was $20, we know about the scam now

Back when minimum wage was actually meant to allow people to live.

Now minimum wage is for “students/part time”.


The only way I could afford to move out was to marry a woman who inherited a paid off house


Bro and now my school wants us to pay 20 dollars to exchange my old ID to the new ID. Without the new ID we cant get into school…


I legit remember when gas was 98 cents a gallon. Five bucks would take my 91 Camry all week.


Imma start swinging on these baby boomers.


Boomers could also work part-time and still manage to pay tuition and rent and still have enough to put in savings. Meanwhile millennials are working 2 jobs, getting grants, and taking out loans, and we’re still just getting by.


people in the 80s would hang sheetrock for $11 an hour (wage would be 35/hr today with inflation) yet drywaller’s still only get paid $11 an hour in some places today, lol.

the world is a fucked up place. oh well.


i feel this on a spiritual level. my mom talks about being kicked out at 18, making $7.45 an hour at the grocery store, and rent being $215 a month. she’s a narcissist (legit) and this just makes her go crazy into how great she is, how she was so strong for supporting herself, etc. but she married my dad and hasn’t worked a day since.

thanks for letting me rant!


Early 90s rent in Miami for my parents for a two room apartment was 480 a month. A 1-1 can easily go for 1600 depending on where you live and quality, cheap end you can get 1200 but nothing is new and there might be mold and a long drive distance to work.


The same parents/generation that ruined the economy and caused the prices to inflate ahead of wages, wondering why things aren’t the same.