Regretting your beard trimming decision

Regretting your beard trimming decision

The guy up top looks like a guy who likes to drink whiskey, the guy on the bottom knows how to fix your computer.


May be same guy but not same time period unless he took the hair from his beard and glued it to his head


Last time I shaved. My coworker said I had a good face for a radio host


Took so long to shave his beard the hair on his head grew back.


Well, if you wanted to look younger, you succeeded. I almost always prefer the look of at least some facial hair on guys. But that’s just a personal preference. I dig the Paul Bunyan thing, I guess. However, plenty of people prefer a clean shave. Don’t be hard on yourself. You don’t look bad, just different.


How did he grow hair after he shaved his beard?! What is this sorcery?!


From bad ass to…..ass…. Baby ass


Went from Sons of Anarchy to Son of Ann Archer, yes he’s doing great at college and everybody is so proud of our little man, they really do grow up so fast don’t they…but he’ll always be my baby.


Made this mistake twice in my life so far. Never again. Everything in life is best left to the imagination.


Those don’t even look like the same people.

I hate my face after shaving too. That’s why I just buzz it.