Rules can be different

Rules can be different

That’s literally what being pro-choice means. You understand others should have the choice, even if you personally never would for any reason.


This argument doesn’t make sense to pro-life people, they aren’t telling you what you can and can’t do with your body, they are telling you what you can’t do to some one else’s body (fetus). The only argument worth having is when the fetus gains rights as an individual. For most pro-choice is viability or brain activity. For pro-life that is conception.


Making abortion illegal would make law enforce religious opinion and infringes on the rights of others.

It being legal does not infringe on anyone’s rights (zygotes do not have rights, they aren’t conscious children, stop that drama right away) and leaves opponents of abortion free to do whatever they can to prevent abortions: organize birth control and reproductive education initiatives, offer adoption help and prenatal assistance, whatever they want besides banning it. I’ll help them, I’ll give money to any organization that rationally helps prevent abortions. Nobody loves abortion, but pushing it back into the underworld of the black market will do far more damage and drive the wedge of division in this country to a fever pitch. I myself will view it as a theocratic enforcement. My wife and millions of women will see it as a direct attack on their individual rights.

Because it is.


That’s not being anti abortion, that’s being pro choice and personally choosing not to have abortions. Stop trying to seem moderate at the expense of making sense.


Anti abortion people wouldn’t even adopt these children they are forcing people to have


This misses the point entirely. The anti-abortion camp’s whole argument is that the thing being aborted is already human. If they accept that as fact, what this is asking for is for them to accept that it is ok for someone else to kill someone if it doesn’t affect them; in other words it makes no sense to only be against you yourself killing people but ok with others doing it. They are being very consistent on this regard.

If you want to debate abortion with people who are pro life it has to be on the “when is it human?” issue.


I’m pro choice but this argument will convince absolutely 0 pro-life people. They think abortion is murder, so all this talk of individual “choice” and “rules for someone else’s body” is as meaningless to them as saying that you should have the choice to cut someone else with an ax.

I’m not saying I agree with their position, but you have to understand it in order to beat it.


The thing is that anti-abortionists see it as murder. We’ve made murder illegal, so they see a big discrepancy in the law. That’s why this debate might never end.


Sounds like freedom


Amen. Believe what you want, but don’t push your ideas upon anyone or trash anyone else’s beliefs just cause they’re different than yours.