Sadly goes back to play RDR2

Sadly goes back to play RDR2

*sits on the couch staring at her phone for 12 hours a day*


…is what he wanted to say. He actually whispered “if I stop, will you give me a blow job”?


My late wife knew that when certain games came out, she was gonna lose me for a bit. It’s not like I ignored her, but the majority of my free time went to the game for a few weeks. She’d come sit next to me and either watch me play (if it was engaging, not all games are good for spectating) or read a book. If it had Co-op, I’d play with her for some to all of it. If someone is going to give you an ultimatum like that, one or both parties has a problem they need to address asap if they want the relationship to endure.


You can’t ultimatum your way into a respectful, communicative relationship.


I read R2D2 every damn time.


Find a partner that shares similar hobbies and interests? Or, alternatively, one which understands that video games are just another form of entertainment media and is at least more productive than wallowing on Facebook.


Been there. Actually ended two relationships with girls who said this. Didn’t end the relationships because they said this, but the relationships came to an end because of other things related to this thought process. If she feels it with one aspect of your life and hobbies, it’ll resurface somewhere else even if you overcome the first time. It all boils down to an issue with the ultimatum giver, not with the person given the ultimatum. In this case, the girl feels insecure about herself, and needs constant reassurance in the form of undivided attention and praise. If anything starts to encroach on that, she becomes threatened and tries to fight back. The real problem is never addressed, and should she start to feel that way again, she will often seek the attention and praise she thinks she needs from someone else.

Men do it too, so don’t get all freaked out on me for only acknowledging women in my scenario.


Is anyone else struggling to have fun with Red Dead Redemption 2? I think the game is fantastic from a technical standpoint, but I’m having a hard time simply enjoying it.


My ex was not a fan of me playing video games.

“Video games make people angry”, she would say.

My reply was always “They make you angry”.

She didn’t like that.


My wife will complain about me playing Elder scrolls Online and my addiction, says I don’t spend time with her. But when I watch TV, Movies, lat down with her she’s on her phone or tablet playing games,.. hell she’ll even play on her phone while watching a movie (after I get sucked into leaving my game to spend time with her)

Like wtf..