Sounds about right

Sounds about right

Instagramers get paid!?


So serious question, if you want to support a channel that doesn’t have patreon, but has twitch and YouTube, what’s the best way to watch it so they make the most?


I have no idea where this is from, but I still read that last panel in Zangief’s voice.


This is the real difference between
Google’s YouTube,
Amazon’s Twitch, and
Facebook’s Instagram


YouTube is doing everything they can to NOT pay their creators. Any minute thing and they’ll demonetize your video. Of course, they’ll still run ads and collect any revenue for themselves.

Use a bad word? Demonetized. Do reviews for children’s products? Oops, you said “children”, demonetized and comments turned off. Have any music that may resemble something? WHAM, demonetized. Write totally original music, and it will get claimed by Universal no matter if they’re 100% wrong, then you’ll have to jump through hoops to get the claim taken away.

The creators that got in before all this and got the millions. Anyone trying to break in now? Good luck.


Well this shit is fucking trash


Instagram influencers only getting $1000? That’s funny. Last time I checked they were charging upwards of $10k for one post.


Reposting doesn’t let you earn more, you are just whoring for internet points.


I love this movie!


Which app is in front of Rose’s face?