When ur not the best friend

I’ve never seen something be so warm and so cold at the same time.


Well, she did try and interupt a clear desire to see a specific person.


She’s probably going to change schools after that.


Well of course she’s applauding the person who is on the stage, I feel like the person that came running from the audience is a little self centered. Even if they are close friends, the first girl probably wouldn’t even know she was there.


Cringed so hard my back popped.


This is that same feeling when you wave back at someone who was actually waving at someone behind you times a million


Is there a version of this video with audio on YouTube


Lol…. ouch.


One of my best friends in elementary school fell off a playset and burst a blood vessel in his brain. When he came back he came to my classroom (he was a grade up) and one of the teachers that was with him literally said “Hey Hoss, someone’s here to say hi to you!”. I screamed his name and got up, but there was this one dick bag that was jealous of me about everything it seemed. He ran up to this kid and hugged him for like 5 minutes while I just waited there for him to be done, they didn’t even know each other.

Can you imagine being my friend though? He just gets out of brain surgery and wanted to say hi to me, then this fuckwad comes and lunges on him. He was disoriented so I only hugged him for a sec, but he managed to let out “I missed you!” so it was a happy ending at least. Still hate that other kid though.


I’m still in shock that mom jeans are back in style.