This is what love looks like

Tinder cheat code unlocked.

This is Lizzo’s 2019. Periodt

Nothing cringier than saying periodt.

Well said

They were actually close friends. It was said in his HBO documentary that it upset Andre greatly to have to play the evil character against Hogan. But he knew his time with wrestling was coming to an end. And it was the best way to pass the torch to his friend.

Spiderman Forever

O love how he looks back.

HMB while I fly like an eagle

Icarus’ lesser known little brother, Idius.

Some people have weird skills

How do you figure out this is a thing?

MRW I suddenly remember all of the things my wife asked me to do...

Quick! Act like you’re doing the dishes.

About Time!

Even a professional can't fix that shit.

Hanging On But There’s No Way Out

That is some quality bog water right there.

Ball to the face!

This is a testament to the incredible speed of human reflexes. Even though the rebound happens super fast, her eye is already closed before the ball hits it. I find that kind of thing amazing.

Wake up sheeple

The South will rise again!!!!! Pop-pop-Brother-Cousin, grab my Rifle!

Makes sense

Unless he’s doing his Superman thing.

No they do not

Lying convincingly is an important life skill.

The Great Escape

This was not the plan, THIS WAS NOT THE PLAN!

A little backstory on this reaction

I've always been curious why it was relevant that he was hitting on the undercover officer.

Went To Visit Casa Batlló In Barcelona

You should try the Notre Dame..