Older dog is so loving

Excuse me little one, that’s my spot. Here, take this one instead, it’s much softer..


RIP Alan Rickman <3.

Russian Humor

Cool, but how did they get all that piss inside a juice box?

It’s not Christmas until you dress your Venus flytrap as Santa

Everyone coming after OP for killing this plant like this clip hasn’t been around for 8 years.

Strange Planet part 3

I need to change my username to StarDamagedCroissant.

This pigeon jamming along to blurred lines

Pigeons fake only having one leg to get extra food. My mom was scammed by one.

This is what happens when you give an onion to the Grinch

That guy deserves a raise.

Sheep revolution

That face smack into the road though...

BMW order recall after new customer attempts to use indicator

Can't have been the owner, no way they'd use an indicator.

She dropped 22 quarts of ranch dressing at work

Can’t tell if laughing or crying.

Some people

He missed a golden opportunity to get his dic.. ooooh.

“Another dick in the wall” by Pricks Floyd

I often think one of the hardest bits about being a teacher is pretending things aren't funny.

Batgirl’s bathroom

I refuse to believe an actual human being sat down, drew this, and said "yes. That is exactly how a bathroom is set up. Very good."

A pug with hidden talents

Based on spray patterns, this is also what people are doing in public urinals.

In Colorado, due to rock fall, a 20 mile stretch of highway now has...

"You're still coming to work right?"

Putting a firecracker in the smoker

Putting a firecracker small bomb in the smoker.

Say No to Steroids

G R Martin reveals Arya was transgender he just forgot to mention it.

Little kid accidentally beheads their cake

The terror tremors killed me hahaha.