If the game would actually be about zelda being the playable character

I'd love a Zelda game where we play as Zelda.

Mariokarts very accurate line graph

This is Mario Chart.

Evolution of esports. LoL World’s championship season 1 vs season 7

There’s a reason people joke Season 1 championship was held in Phreak’s (one of the casters) basement.

Millenials to Gen Z

Yeah, my cousin tends to do that. He doesn’t know I’ve been playing Pokémon since I was like 4 though. It’s pretty wholesome, I tend to bring one of those trading card packets along whenever I see him.

A well-known corner

Where is this? In what part of the world is short of Dust 2 >:v.

Still waiting for Dazzling Diamond and Precious Pearl

Gonna have to wait until let’s go mamoswine.

Not sure if anyone has realized this yet, but yesterday The Pokemon Company posted,...

If they kept it going then the “Visit Gen 8!” would land right on Pokemon day.

All hail president Bowser

That was quick. All hail our new overlord.

I don’t know how to begin to describe this

Its easy, its called indoor lighting.

Imagine going to McDonalds

If you go to burger king, sometimes your fries will come with an onion ring. Is that wf or tf?

Waaait a minute

And all the other plushies are bowser minions.....

A new era begins

All hail our new Overlord Bowser, master of Super Bowser Land.

I might have trust issues

Well, yeah. Because autosave happens automatically and overwrites the last version, and you just know it's going to autosave right after you find yourself in a no-win situation, wiping out the one it took right after you healed up and loaded up on ammo....

They won’t change unless you stop buying Chief

Must not be an American Kirby. He’s not pissed enough.

War is hell

I will never get tired of seeing this post.

Im sorry

Seems legit. $59.99.

This is so sad

Reminds me of when I quit WOW. I just didn't log in the next day. I was in one of the Top guilds in the server. I had friends I had known for years. They probably think I died. I feel terrible.