The teams are ready, now who will win?

Headband Boiz should be Headband Hunks.

My son’s homemade Link costume

Wow he's a pretty good tailor for being so young.

Best Melee Stage

Nothing wrong with Weenie Hut Jr.

The difference 14 years makes

I burned so many hours just randomly swinging around New York in Spider-Man 2. If the new one is as good, it could convince me to get a PS4.

I can’t believe it’s all over

Now do it 14 more times...


Use Double-Edgy.

Family dinner at the Babaevs’

Where are the potatoes?

Wario so Wario

Now I wanna see the rest of the amiibo drawings...

TV color off + everyone plays same character = Smash bros chaos mode

This is the future of gaming we have all needed.

Praise the Sun

Folks are busy trying to figure out the gender of this knight when they should be busy praising the Sun.

For Azerwoof!!

Finally, the new worgen models.

Reminder; Always play the biggest mech first when magnetizing two mechs, this makes silence...

I always go for the prettiest card art. I don't want no fierce robot on my field. I want me a skater boy.

Full Doom lore

“They killed his bunny. He killed their hell dimension. Story at 11.”

Leaked ending of Battle for Azeroth. Someone’s getting fired for this blunder!

Then Saurfang regains the will to live and becomes the new Warchief. Next xpac he becomes inexplicably violent, invades the new continent no one noticed, and blows up an Alliance settlement. Anduin responds with a harshly worded letter.

Interesting Sonic Perspective

This is equal parts terrifying and amazing.

A Strong Nord Woman

They say you don't really know a Nord woman until you've had a strong drink and a fist fight with her.

Look who I found on Tinder

And she's 41 km away from you, just like in the game.

He’s very dedicated to his job

What did he give you?

Two of the greats. My latest gaming related project is complete

My modded xbox is still my media center and id goin strong. That thing is a powerhouse.