Each Game I get After I Pay For My Pc

Each Game I get After I Pay For My Pc

To be fair, you’re no longer a two thousandaire after buying the pc


I prefer to buy a new $500 graphics card so I can play the same copy of Rocket League that I played at over 144 fps two years ago with a $250 graphics card.


Steam sales and wait a year or so after triple-A titles for the prices to drop.


To be fair I’ve never regretted upgrading my PC. However I am currently regretting buying fallout 76


If only games were $30…. Most new games now a days are like $80-$150 CAD depending on the version of the game you buy……


I’m like that too. Except mine is $50 at the bar and $7 for a pack of socks.


8700k, 500gb Samsung 970 NVMe, 32gb memory, EVGA RTX 2080ti FTW3, 4k display…

Waited for Far Cry Primal to go on sale for $12.50.


We lowly console gamers just spend $500 on hardware and $60 to $120 a game. Oh, and $60 per year online. Ouch.


prolly gon get downvoted

but back in the day when i was a teen in the early 2000s to mid 00s i remember justifying to my parents and myself that a pc was a great investment because i could save money on entertainment like no longer having to buy movies, games, music, and actually save me thousands.

i remember i wrote down all the movies, games, music i had consumed over like 3-5 years and valued them at their msrp and estimated i had saved over $9k

“EDIT”: Of course I always bought whatever I consumed later and just downloaded all that stuff as a digital backup


Time spent using a computer this year: Minimum 6 hours a day, minimum 6 days a week, 1872 hours. And I use a computer on average 5 years, so call it 9360 use-hours for a $2000 computer. So, less than a quarter spent per use-hour on a computer.

Time spent playing most games, 30-80 hours unless it’s a roguelike I enjoy or a procedural game like Minecraft. Average cost for a game is $60, and we’re looking at a per use-hour cost of between $2 and $.75.

I’d call the computer a better deal.