Forgot how good this game can look in Vanilla

Forgot how good this game can look in Vanilla

Special Edition is just enough of an upgrade in lighting where I’m completely satisfied with how it looks without using mods to improve it.


8 years old and still a masterpiece. By far one of the best games ever made.


Idk, I still think it’s missing Thomas the Tank Engine flying around


I like how the sky looks especially. Night time aurora, morning godrays, nice clouds. Speaking of clouds, do you get the cloud district very often?


And here I thought it’s about OldRim… Anyway, that looks seriously great, however my PC would propably implode and then explode if I’d try to launch SSE. Oh, well.


It certainly holds up very well. Morrowind too for its age, not that it’s anywhere near Skyrim in graphics quality.


Lighting is everything when it comes to imagery


I always played Skyrim on Xbox 360 until recently I built a really nice PC and got myself SE. I was really looking forward to modding the hell out of it and really flexing my new computer on HD textures and Wanna and all sorts of stuff.

But just playing SE on ultra settings has been enough for the last few months. Maybe when I 100% the achievements I’ll start modding but it’s been such a big graphical upgrade that I’m still impressed by the game.


I play it on Xbox One these days and can never get the mods to work for me.


Damn it does look good