Geodude named as the ambassador for Iwate Prefecture in Japan. Never change Japan, never change

Geodude named as the ambassador for Iwate Prefecture in Japan. Never change Japan, never change

Love the “invisible” texture on the legs. x-D


Iwate Prefecture’s name is written 岩手, or “Rock Hand.” lol As far as Japanese rocks with hands go, Geodude is a pretty good one


Japan is actually pretty awesome. I got a buddy that lives there and I flew over for my birthday.

Literally, everybody is nice. Like, stupid and awkward nice. Like, you dropped your pen and they’ll sprint across the room to pick it up for you nice.

We get to Narita Airport, and we’re looking for a train. This couple, couldn’t speak any English, asked for our ticket and physically walked us to our train. They smiled and waved as they left. We get to our destination, and I see kids walking around, alone, at night like everything’s fucking fine and there’s nothing to worry about. Everybody is bowing, there’s food all over the place, and I felt safer there in a country where I could barely speak to anyone than the one I was born in.

In fact, when we flew back into the states and landed in Chicago, you could literally FEEL the anger and frustration from people. It’s like, when you’re removed long enough from an environment, you get to see it more clearly when you come back to it. Granted…it’s Chicago, but ya.

Never change Japan.


Watch out for Chiitan, Geodude!


Geodude, Graveler and Golem were my favorite Pokemon in RBY and I still got love for them to this day. This is great.


I wonder if Mario is already being considered the official mascot of the 2020 Olympic games?

Like why bother with an original one? Most attempts are cringey at worst, and forgettable at best.


I live in Iwate, but I guess I gotta stay out of tall grass for now or I’m gonna get clobbered by one of these chonks! Also, how’d they make that costume? You can’t even see the legs! Sasugani Japan.


I prefer Chiitan!


He was quoted after being sworn in to say, “Dude”


Brock liked that.