I’m this old

I’m this old

Makes your neck hurt so bad


I remember playing Metroid prime at sams club and this younger kid came up to me and said “this is rated t for teens! You’re not old enough! I’m telling my mom!” I just kept casually playing.


I want a VR similator game where you walk around an 90s or early 2000s Walmart.


Man gonna to Walmart and seeing this was amazing. I’m kinda sad that they removed this


Every time my mom would bring me to Walmart when I was younger she would always give me the “Go on” look and while she shopped I would head for the video game section and play the whole time. Always had a blast, will never forget


Was expecting the console to be an n64, saw gamecube. Am old.


Maaaan. Y’all remember the old school Toys R Us stores? I loved them as a kid because they were built like fucking grocery stores for toys. Shit blew my mind. Lol. And then the video game section was all little pieces of paper that you brought to the register. Good times. lol.


Seriously my neck started hurting seeing this


I feel really old. I remember drooling over the Odyssey II, Atari and Intelevision display at my local Simpsons-Sears.


Rogue squadron? Any idea what the game is?