My Very First

It was probably an “oh shit” moment for a number soldiers too.


I remember playing this, getting completely frustrated, and complaining to my dad the game was rigged and was too hard. His response was “ahh, it’s not rigged son, that’s just D-Day”.




I’d love a proper Medal of Honor again.


Medal of Honor Frontline. Probably my favorite war game. Played it a bazillion times and Rising Sun too, that shit was dope.


I played this in a Honda civic. My sisters friend had a Honda civic with a dash system with a TV screen that was probably six inches and he had his ps2 hooked up to it. We played it while my sister picked up some stuff he was going to let her borrow. I’m glad they were inside the house for a bit and I played the whole level… Oh wait. I think I’m just figuring out what was happening.


I remember playing this level in Allied Assault, was one of my favorite. Can feel the nostalgia.


For the kids looking at this thinking it looks like shit, this felt more real than anything I remember at that time. I was blown away by the graphics, sound, design, commitment to detail and then… Just blown away many many times. It was a great thing to have in a game and made a teenager think a little more about some books his school had made him read.


And when he gets to heaven, to St Peter he will tell, One more soldier reporting, sir, I’ve served my time in Hell


“PATTERSON! Get over here!” Epic music intensifies



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