Never in all my years

Thats just crazy, i break stacks and stacks of eggs and maybe get 1 chicken


Yup; it’s a thing. I always get 4 when I want just one more chick! >.<


That’s a rarity but it’s been the game for years. I had it happen a few times since I started way back in 2011.


I didnt even know you could do this.
I’ve only ever made cakes with my eggs.


I remember the first time this happened to me. Luckily I had someone else with me who was familiar with the phenomenon so I didn’t start to question the nature of my reality.


Wait, that’s illegal


I knew this was a rare occurrence but this has happened to me more than I’d care to admit because that means one of two things: i spent all my luck on Minecraft, or I’ve spent too much time on Minecraft


that happened to me the first time I threw an egg, I didn’t know how bewildered I should have been.


Those chickens looked at you like: “The fuck was that”.


Are you on Bedrock or the old Xbox One edition?