Something I painted as a test for Blizzard, I ended up working for them after this

Something I painted as a test for Blizzard, I ended up working for them after this

What’d you do at Blizzard?


This is amazing. Simple yet effective strokes for the lava/magma


Epic painting. I’m glad they put your skills to good use


Give me Diablo 4!!


Pretty insane how talented some people are, I can’t imagine how long this took to make.


Pah, I could do that in my sleep!

That’s… also the only place I’d be able to do it.


Congrats my man that is awesome!


My art professor told me once that all we see is light and not really objects, and conversely darkness is just the absence of light. The key to drawing well is knowing how light reflects off of different surfaces and portraying that as accurately as possible. Draw what you see, not what you think you see.

Your portrayal of light is top notch. The magma, rocks, armor, hair, skin, and especially the axe (two different light sources), are all awesome. The only iffy shading I’d say is the cloth but a lot of people get hung up on that as different fabrics reflect light much differently (think satin vs tweed). I can see why you were hired, this piece shows a lot of your capability and I can only imagine how much better you became through the years.

Side note: Your style reminds me of an online comic I saw a while ago. Some ice elf princess being escorted somewhere by a mummy. Just googled it: Ghostblade.


This is pretty neat, it gives me Guild Wars 2 vibes more than WoW though. Especially the bottom third or so.


Are you still working for them? What’s it like to work for them?