The measure of a great game

The measure of a great game

spoilers ahead !!!!!!

I god damn lost it when he said thank you to his horse. I knew it was the beginning of the end

Edit: i had to leave the room before my bf thought I was a crazy person for crying over an animated horse in a game I played some time ago. This topic is bringing back all the emotions.


Told myself I’d do all the stranger missions before I finished…

I dont think I can bring myself to actually finish the campaign

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The measure of a great game is making you feel something. I was legitmately angry when Sadie said she found Cleet. I (actually) said out loud “Yea let’s get this mother fucker.”


The ending songs were so perfect.


Dammit, please don’t make me cry, that was the saddest part in the whole game
(Second most painful to me was that side mission with the guy who had a wife and kid, and you had to tie him up and take him to jail)


It was not about the muneh anymore


Look at the emotion in Arthur’s eyes. The animators did such a good damn job.


I got it launch day. I spent nearly 40 hours doing all sorts of shit, and really liking every minute of it. Haven’t played since Christmas. My story completion is still less than 50%.

For some reason I just can’t bring myself back to the game. It’s really, really good… I’m just not ready to play it again.


I knew what was coming. I spent a long time hunting and fishing and just exploring with Arthur before I was ready.


why is the other eye like 10cm higher than the other one