This about sums up adulthood

This about sums up adulthood

Mom’s giving you a hint, Todd. You’re twenty fucking eight years old and you need to stop drinking out of red solo cups. This is an intervention.


Probably a better equivalent is a good coffee machine or rice cooker that can easily run a few hundred dollars. I’d love to get one of those for Christmas.


Learn glass blowing and make a bong so they stop thinking you are mature


That’s a sweet set of glassware.


In all fairness its not the nature of the different gifts, its the value. One is $300 and the other…$20?

Now if it had been a Instant Pot, I would be jealous of the “mature” brother.


My wife had the opposite growing up. Older brother gets a PS2 for Xmas, she gets a portable DVD player (worth $20).


The glasses cost 1/5 as much. Definitely reason to be miffed.


I wonder who’s who


You guys got gifts?


The real reason he’s sad is because guys just drink out of one glass and carry it around with them, so multiple glasses is pointless. If that was a few packages of socks or silverware, he’d be happy because somehow socks go missing all the time, as do forks. Why do I have 15 spoons and knives and only 4 forks. Where did they go?