TIme is an illusion

crysis always showed us the next generation of graphic quality


TF2 Is a good example of why stylised works so well in a franchise you want to sustain for a long period. It ages way better than realistic style of graphics.


Honestly, this is probably supposed to be a rip on fortnite but the art style isn’t a problem Fortnite faces. One of the major allures of games like Fortnite and Overwatch, beyond existing hype and popularity, is the cartoony artstyle. In ten more years, when graphics have gotten even more realistic, the games of today will look outdated and uncanny, but stylized games like Overwatch and Fortnite will still hold up. Games being stylized is never a bad thing, we already have a crap ton of hyper realistic games nowadays.


Lunchtime doubly so


I’ve seen this photo before. It’s cute, but but with games like MGS phantom pain, farcry 5, assassin’s Creed origins/odyssey, watch dogs, bf 1, bf v and so on that can actually compare, taking a cartoony art style game is dumb.


Time is an illusion that helps things make sense


Put a little fortnite hate and watch the world go nuts.


Graphics =/= style Please finally learn it, for god’s sake. Also, while we’re at it: Graphics < style


laughs in rimworldian


But…the graphics are good? It’s an art style? Okay.



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